Working with nature, not against it

At Solid Gear, we seek out innovative technologies and materials to help us create footwear that is not just safe, lightweight and durable, but sustainable as well. A replacement for petroleum-based EVA’s, BLOOM’s unique qualities deliver high-performance while reducing our carbon footprint. Developed by Algix, BLOOM harvests and transforms toxic algae into a blended EVA foam we then mold into comfortable, long-lasting midsoles. The process involved in creating each pair results in 38 liters of toxic water being purified of algae and returned to the habitat, and over 24 cubic meters of newly cleaned air.


High amounts of CO2, a warming climate, and water pollution are causing algae blooms that negatively impact the environment and society, harming coastlines, coastal communities and marine life. About fifteen years ago it was discovered that protein-rich algae biomass, when placed under significant heat and pressure, underwent a plasticization process. Sustainability-minded engineers and designers discovered that one could help reverse toxic algae blooms and undo some effects of water pollution by transforming the algae into an environmentally friendly manufacturing material with qualities that make it perfect for use in our range of footwear.


BLOOM algae materials, identified and harvested from environmental restoration and protection projects, allow designers to innovate eco-conscious products with measurable impacts. The BLOOM process uses extrusion to combine algae biomass with base polymers to make resin pellets—sustainable ingredients that are then blended with non-biodegradable materials. The result is a flexible foam, high-rebound material. Perfect for lightweight, durable, soft-cushioning midsoles that offer high-performance and prevent the release of captured carbon. BLOOM algae-blended EVA offers many possibilities for durable, innovative, lightweight footwear to help our sustainability-conscious consumers join us in working towards a healthy global eco-system.

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