For Solid Gear, sustainability means responsibility and respect. While ensuring that our products are designed and developed according to the best available knowledge and techniques, we take responsibility for the whole life cycle of the products – from the initial product idea to usage, recycling and disposal.

When developing new products, we follow guidelines to create shoes that are not only safe to use, but also safe to produce. Suppliers are carefully selected and guided regarding legislation for restricted substances. We advise on production methods and conduct chemical testing before and after production.

The Hultafors Group Pillars of Sustainability

As part of Hultafors Group, Solid Gear’s sustainability strategy is built on respect for people, planet and profit.

Respect People

We aim to have a positive impact on all people affected by our operations. For our employees, this means being provided with a good work environment and opportunities for individual growth. For our suppliers, it means signing codes of conduct. For our customers, it means always being able to trust in our products.

Respect the Planet

We work proactively to continue reducing the environmental footprint of our production. The goals we set are based both on our own intent and on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Solid Gear aims to produce high-quality products with a long lifespan. The reason is simple: products that last longer are more sustainable.

Respect Profit

Without profit, the business is not sustainable. A sustainable business is a profitable business. We think it is as simple as that.

ISO Certificate

Solid Gear Footwear brings high quality and user friendly products to our customers and end users. ISO Standards are applied throughout the whole organization, which supports our ambition to reduce costs, achieve continuous improvements, and fulfill customer needs and exceed expectations.

It also helps us support our commitment to act responsibly in regards to our environment and contribute to a sustainable future. Solid Gear Footwear is certified by Tüv Nord to the following standards: EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 14001:2015

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